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AIEEE 2011 Answer Keys | AIEEE 2011 Solutions

Finally, the D- Day is around the corner for all the students who have their careers staked at the turn of the wheel in AIEEE-2011. AIEEE, acronym for All India Engineering Entrance Exam, happens to be one of the most prestigious entrance exams for engineering and architecture students in India. If past numbers are any indication, more than one million students are expected to match their wits in AIEEE-2011.

The wait for the exam, and the subsequent rescheduling of the same have been a torturous interval for the students. However, they will not have to wait long for the solutions for the exam. Students can get AIEEE Answer Key, AIEEE 2011 solutions & AIEEE 2011 cutoff on Subject experts at TCYonline will be solving the exam and hosting the AIEEE-2011 solutions on the website by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the exam itself. Students will find AIEEE 2010 Physics solutions, AIEEE 2010 Chemistry solutions and AIEEE 2010 Math solutions.

Aspirants from all over the nation will be able to log on to and compare their answers to the answers as seen by the experts. As more and more aspirants compare their answers and leave their expected scores on the website, an indicative picture of the expected overall cut-off, as well as the sectional cut-offs will also begin to emerge. In addition, students will have the opportunity to clear their doubts by leaving questions/ queries for the subject experts on the website. Their queries will be answered by the experts within a short time.

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AIEEE Question Papers and AIEEE Sample Papers

Get Prepared for AIEEE 2011 by getting complete study material and prepare you AIEEE Exam with all latest and scientific ways. AIEEE Sample Papers and Question Papers ensure helpful to get your top ranking in AIEEE Entrance Examination scientific materials and tests includes:

AIEEE Question Papers

AIEEE Previous Papers

AIEEE Sample Papers

AIEEE Tips and Tricks

AIEEE 2009 Solutions

AIEEE 2010 Solutions

Free AIEEE Mock Test

Free Mock Test

Online Tests for Physics, Chemistry and for Mathematics are helpful to prepare AIEEE 2011.

All Tests for AIEEE.

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AIPMT 2011 Solutions Keys and Analysis

All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Examination (AIPMT) 2011, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, will be held across the nation on Sunday, the 3rd of April 2011. Lakhs of aspirants from across the nation will be vying with one another to secure a seat at the academic programmes of prestigious institutions. After the test, the most sought after information will be the AIPMT-2011 answer keys. Students will want to know how well they fared in the AIPMT 2011 entrance exam and ‘AIPMT 2011’ solution keys will be one of the most searched key phrases on the net.

Subject experts at, India's largest online test prep platform, will solve the test paper and host the AIPMT 2011 solution key on their website. Students who want to check AIPMT 2010 answers can find them on this site latest by 4 p.m. on the day of the test.

Students from across the nation can also participate in 'AIPMT 2011 Questions Discussion' on the website. Alternatively, they can leave their queries on the website and the experts at TCY will revert back with the answers within a short time. Candidates will be able to give their input on expected scoring range and TCY Analytics will compute the inputs to give a cross section of expected scores.

Unlimited free AIPMT 2011 Mock Tests are available in the tests section on Aspirants can do last minute revision and hone their skills for the upcoming test. They can also target self improvement by using TCY Analytics to analyze their attempt pattern, time taken on each question, sub topic and topic wise analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

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AIEEE Sample Papers | AIEEE 2010 Question Papers

The Ninth All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) was held on 25th April, 2010. 1065100 candidates appeared, out of 1118148 candidates registered, for the examination at 1623 centres located in 86 cities.

The countdown to one of the biggest exams in India has started and if last year’s numbers are any benchmark, more than one million students will be appearing for the AIEEE-2011. The numbers are truly amazing- more than one million appeared last year, at over 1600 centres in nearly 100 cities. AIEEE is the ‘Holy Grail’ for all the aspirants desiring to make their career in Engineering and Architecture. The date of the exam has been rescheduled from 24th April 2011 to 05th May 2011 due to Easter holiday. The news is likely to evoke mixed reactions from the student community. The students who have been studying consistently and building up the momentum to peak at the right moment might feel cheated and some also might feel that the stress will also build up further.
On the other hand, the students who have been unable to get their preparations up to their satisfaction would be welcoming the additional time as an opportunity to pitch in with some last minute extra hard work.

Whatever the reaction at the announcement, the most important thing for the students is to get the basics right. The first and the foremost is to ensure that the admit card reaches them. On the aieee.nic website, it is clearly mentioned that if any student does not get the admit card by 06th April, he/ she should contact the administrators.

The exam will have two papers- the first paper will have equal questions from physics, maths and chemistry with equal weightage for all the subjects for B.E. and B. Tech exams. The second paper will have Maths, aptitude test and drawing for architecture and planning candidates.

Some of the important tips that subject experts at have come up with are:

1: Get the basics right: Remember, to play in the V, it is very important to know how to play with a straight bat!
For clearing any competitive exam which has been designed to weed out the rote learners and students with weak grasp on fundamentals, it is very important to get the foundations right. If there is one key to clearing AIEEE, it is in the fundamentals. If students have any doubts, they should meet up with their teachers/ subject expert and get the basics right.
2: Memorise the important formulae: It is extremely important to include this step in your preparation. A remembered formulae bank, and the way to apply them in practice is just like the ability to play the short ball on fast, bouncy pitches! Ignore this at your own peril. Also, agility in mental calculations can also spell the difference between also played and ‘man of the match’!

3: Revise, revise, revise: Every shot played in a match has to be rehearsed time and time again in the nets!
It is imperative that once the concepts are clear, they should be set in concrete. The best way to do so is to revise exhaustively. Students should get hold of previous years question papers and attempt them over and over again. Also, try to time yourself so that the time limits of the exam, and the accompanying stress, are not an unknown entity for you when the actual exam starts.

4: Identify your strengths: The toe- crusher Yorker wasn’t perfected in a day. Once a fast bowler knows he can do it, he needs to keep at it till he can produce it at will. Same is the case with your strengths. Once you know what they are, keep at them till the time you know that you can produce your most scintillating performances when you need them.

5: Work upon your weaknesses: Any team will be more strengthened by a bowler who can hit a few past the ropes even if it is not his strength area.
Work upon your weaknesses. You should be very sure that you will be able to clear the sectional cut-offs in your weakest subject even if it happens to be the toughest part of the exam. Once you have that kind of preparation in place, it will be huge leap towards success.

6: Be consistent with your study schedule: Anytime Rahul Dravid walks in to bat, the nation knows that he will probably bat the entire day and then some more!
Consistency is the hallmark of genius. Flash in the pan performances can be produced once, but can’t be replicated. Consistency in performance demands consistency in performance. It is the principle of ‘every action has an equal reaction’ at play. The harder you work, the luckier you will get. Set aside a fixed time every day for study. As the exam date approaches, keep adding to it while making sure that you take enough of a break to rejuvenate yourself.

7: Believe in yourself: When you walk out, you should feel like Sachin- the exam should be afraid of you!

You have done the basics right, worked on fundamentals till you know them by heart. You have attempted previous exams, burnt a lot of midnight oil- what is there to worry about now?
Go for it with the supreme belief that preparation alone can instill in you. Go for it!

All the Best!!

Get complete study material and test papers from here:

AIEEE Sample Papers

AIEEE Question Papers

AIEEE 2010 Question Paper

AIEEE Sample Papers with Solutions

AIEEE Papers

AIEEE Model Papers

AIEEE Sample Paper

Free AIEEE Mock Tests

AIEEE 2011 Sample Papers

AIEEE Model Question Papers

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CCE CBSE Class X Date Sheet 2011




Exams CODE

Tuesday March 1,2010 at 10:30 AM


























MIZO 098



Thursday March 3,2011 at 10:30 AM



Saturday March 5,2011 at 10:30 AM


Monday March 7,2011 at 10:30 AM


Wednesday March 9,2011 at 10:30 AM



Thursday March 10,2011 at 10:30 AM


Saturday March 12,2011 at 10:30 AM


Monday March 14,2011 at 10:30 AM



Wednesday March 16,2011 at 10:30 AM


Friday March 18,2011 at 10:30 AM



Wednesday March 23,2011 at 10:30 AM



Friday March 25,2011 at 10:30 AM










To prepare CBSE CCE Class X Exams TCYonline provides you complete study material covers unlimited online tests and Notes for all subjects and sections.

You can challenge your competitors and friends online with Challenge Zone. Play Quiz for your favorite topics and earn credit points.

Upload Test or generate your own test in your category and earn lifetime royalty.

TCYanalytics is a great tool that provides you to get unlimited high quality chapter wise, sectional and full tests for your exam. It tracks your test-wise performance and assigns expert-recommended tests. It tells you your strong and weak areas based on your test attempts and suggests the path ahead. In each test, it gives your percentile and national ranking.

TCYAnalytics helps you to Measure Deeper as it provides you Atomic level analysis of each test you take; know your sub-sub-sub skills to improve faster. Improve faster with completely personalized preparation based on your best & weak areas. Benchmark wider provides you to benchmark your performance citywide, statewide, nationwide and subject-wise, stream-wise. You can compare better as you can get 24.2 million Question Attempts already done on the platform for the best possible benchmarking.

Important links that provide you complete study material:


CCE Class IX

CBSE Sample Papers 2011

CCE Sample Papers 2011

CCE Practice Papers

CCE CBSE Sample Papers

CBSE CEE Class X Test Series

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Rajan started preparing for CAT right from his second year of B-Tech. By the time he reached his final year, he found that an early start had given him a definite edge over others who had started their preparation in the third year or the final year. He was confident that he would get through.
The D-day came and he attempted very well as he usually did. When the result card declared that he had scored 85 percentile, he found it hard to digest. Where did Rajan go wrong? Why couldn’t he get through to the IIMs even though he was intelligent and had worked hard towards his goal?
Many scholars share Rajan’s problem. They fail to understand that competition is not about ‘how smart you are’ but about ‘how smarter than the others’. What Rajan’s preparation lacked was benchmarking against others, including the best, and continuous, monitored improvement. Rajan knew the areas he was good at, but he didn’t know how much input he needed to put in and where. He thought he was best among his immediate peers, but he failed to reckon with the best across the nation.
You surely don’t want to be another Rajan. Do you? So, read on.
What is Benchmarking?
Benchmarking in test prep refers to monitoring your competitors and understanding your relative position among the test takers. This helps you in understanding your current level of preparation and additional effort required to improve your competitive positioning. Benchmarking should always be followed by remedial action and identification of improvement areas for arriving at action points.
Benchmarking can be broadly classified into three categories
-benchmarking with self
This is particularly helpful in qualifying exams and for improvement in a particular subject area. Here the focus is not on competition but on self-improvement. The aim is to continually identify and remove weak areas to reach the desired level of proficiency. After reviewing every test, you analyze in detail, the sub skills where your score is low. You work on these sub-skills and take subsequent tests to see how your score has improved. You may also take a test specifically of the sub skills where you scored low. Therefore, the improvement happens in progressive iterations until a desired level of scoring is achieved.

-benchmarking in a group
Here a student identifies a small group against which he would like to benchmark himself. Usually this group would be of a similar profile as the candidate himself. The candidate first excels in this group and chooses progressively larger groups subsequently.

-benchmarking nationally
Students who are appearing in National competitive exams like CAT, IIT JEE, PMT, GATE, UPSC etc, adopt national benchmarking. Here a test taker compares himself with his peers throughout the nation and then focuses strategically on maximizing his overall score by working on his weaknesses and reinforcing his strengths.

How is Benchmarking done?
paper pencil based mock test
This can be a very good tool to assess one’s competitive positioning in the nation after completion of one’s preparation. The nature of the assessment being summative, this is kind of a final judgment on one’s preparation rather than a tool of improvement.
However, is the preparation for any competitive exam ever complete?
The reported aggregate score and a percentile rank leave little scope for any analyses of topics for areas of improvement. Also, since the student base is from the test conducting institute only, the data is not true representative and any inference drawn is biased.
online mock test
Online mock tests present a more detailed analysis of test performance. The student can easily see the areas where he needs to improve. However, these tests stop at that, and seldom provide the user with the tools for improvement. Since a user would require tests in many different formats for further improvement, these tests are a one time affair and leave the user high and dry, gasping for improvement.
Besides, the scores and analyses are reliable and statistically valid only if these tests enjoy the patronage of a significant number of students.
analytics way: the right way
There are very few analytic engines worth their salt in the online space. is the leader. TCY Analytics* gives the user a number of interesting advantages:
- Flexibility to use any type of benchmarking refereed to earlier
- A large student base of approx 1 million (& counting) gives considerable statistical advantage
- 23 million TCY Analytics* (question attempts) & counting
- Automatically suggests improvement areas and action points
- Generates tests to specifically improve identified weak areas
- Picks suggested video tutorials based on your test performance
- Gathers information around each question through student and author discussions
*TCY Analytics: Question attempts where each question has data of each candidate who attempted it, around parameters like time taken on question, gender, age, city, stream ( B.Com, B.Tech, BBA etc)
This data gives students:
A. Comparative benchmarking like:

National benchmarking: National ranking & percentiles for each test
Comparison with top ten : Your performance with national toppers
Comparison with Friends/Groups/Classmates: Your performance with your chosen friends
Customized Comparison: City-wise, state-wise, stream-wise comparison reports
B. Recommendations like:
Your weak areas and recommended tests to overcome these weak areas
C . Self Assessment:
Overall Performance till date: Your performance trends test by test
Topic-wise Analysis till date: A cumulative topic wise analysis of your tests
View Overall Analysis : Which questions you have marked correct/wrong
Question by Question Analysis: The answer to each question and discussion with others
Topic-wise Analysis: Your sub-sub-sub skills to improve faster and your BEST & WEAK topics in the test
Difficulty-wise Analysis: How well you performed on difficult questions
Your Time Management: Know your Time Savers & Time Takers in the test, based on average time per question

What makes TCY-Analytics unique is that hundreds of authors spread all over the world upload thousands of quality tests. It is like a textbook in which each chapter is written by the best expert in that area. Each question is rated and the junk is automatically removed from the site, giving users the best content quality experience.

For our school going K-10 friends, we have a highly effective assessment test called National Benchmarking Test, for students in grades 6 to 10. TCY -NBT is a test of its kind! It is unique as it combines a comprehensive assessment test with a plan of remedial action to overcome the weaknesses it identifies, and further with a career preparedness graph to guide a student on the career options available as per his existing skill levels. What is more, the Analytics of TCY-NBT also provides detailed statistics on his competitiveness at the national, state, regional and school levels.
If you have a testing history on TCYonline, it is mapping your different competencies more and more accurately with every subsequent test. Start early; maintain regularity for us to recommend to you various career options, based on your competencies, throughout your student and working life. Remember, ever increasing portfolio of test categories on TCYonline will give you tests that help you decide career paths. Keep visiting TCYonline more and more often for more and more tests and keep growing intellectually all your life.
Test Preparation without TCY Analytics is incomplete.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Kamal Wadhera along with Viji Raj

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CAT 2010 Solutions | CAT Analysis | CAT Answer Keys

Cat 2010 Analysis: Share your Views

Feeling tensed about the Online CAT Format that gave blues to test takers in 2009? CAT has always lived up to its reputation of springing a surprise every year in one aspect or the other. So, what is in store for you in CAT 2010?

Worry no longer!

Share all your apprehensions and experiences with your peers through us. Your experience may allay somebody else’s apprehensions and vice versa.

You may also count on getting valuable tips and CAT analysis from experts. Share CAT 2010 analysis and expert opinion on CAT cutoffs on this site. You may also send your queries/comments with regard to the difficulty level of questions vis-à-vis that of the questions in the paper based tests of 2007, 2008. CAT 2009 questions were generally simpler than CAT questions 2007 and 2008. Did the CAT 2009 trend continue or CAT 2010 was more like CAT 2007/2008?

Send your notes, comments, differences of opinion to

Disclaimer: Sorry! We cannot provide you CAT 2010 answer key. The original CAT 2010 questions are protected by the Confidentiality Agreement. Make sure that no original CAT questions are discussed on this site that might jeopardize the Confidentiality Agreement that you and our experts signed at the time of the test.