Friday, September 3, 2010

CAT 2010 D.I Strategies

Data Interpretation consists of three sections viz. Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency and Reasoning. It is easily the most scoring section of any exam- if the fundamentals are in place.

Data Interpretation (D.I.) : contains information presented in the form of Bar graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables, Histograms etc. The student is required to analyze the information provided and supply the answer to asked queries related to the data given. Students who are good at heavy mental calculation are at an advantage as it is one of the keys for doing well in this section. This section tests the students' skills in Percentage calculation, Profit and Loss Analysis, and Ratio Proportion.

Data Sufficiency: is a section where a statement is given and with it are provided two options which could hold the key to the answer. The student is required to independently analyze both the answer keys and see from which the answer can be derived. The student has to tick one of the five options for the answer.

• If answer can be derived from Answer key A- then answer is A.

• If answer can be derived from Answer key B- then answer is B.

• If answer can be derived from both A & B independently- then answer will be C.

• If answer can be derived from a combination of A & B- then answer is D.

• If answer cannot be derived from any of the options, then the answer is E.

Imp: Many times students get confused when the solution does yield an answer with both the answer keys but the answer is different in both the cases. In such a scenario, C would be the correct option is the right one as long as both the options provide unique answers (i.e. it can't be -2 or +2, it has to be either).

Reasoning: as a section can be tackled very well if the mental calculation is fast. There are broadly three types of reasoning questions: Linear, Circular and Tabular.

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