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Rajan started preparing for CAT right from his second year of B-Tech. By the time he reached his final year, he found that an early start had given him a definite edge over others who had started their preparation in the third year or the final year. He was confident that he would get through.
The D-day came and he attempted very well as he usually did. When the result card declared that he had scored 85 percentile, he found it hard to digest. Where did Rajan go wrong? Why couldn’t he get through to the IIMs even though he was intelligent and had worked hard towards his goal?
Many scholars share Rajan’s problem. They fail to understand that competition is not about ‘how smart you are’ but about ‘how smarter than the others’. What Rajan’s preparation lacked was benchmarking against others, including the best, and continuous, monitored improvement. Rajan knew the areas he was good at, but he didn’t know how much input he needed to put in and where. He thought he was best among his immediate peers, but he failed to reckon with the best across the nation.
You surely don’t want to be another Rajan. Do you? So, read on.
What is Benchmarking?
Benchmarking in test prep refers to monitoring your competitors and understanding your relative position among the test takers. This helps you in understanding your current level of preparation and additional effort required to improve your competitive positioning. Benchmarking should always be followed by remedial action and identification of improvement areas for arriving at action points.
Benchmarking can be broadly classified into three categories
-benchmarking with self
This is particularly helpful in qualifying exams and for improvement in a particular subject area. Here the focus is not on competition but on self-improvement. The aim is to continually identify and remove weak areas to reach the desired level of proficiency. After reviewing every test, you analyze in detail, the sub skills where your score is low. You work on these sub-skills and take subsequent tests to see how your score has improved. You may also take a test specifically of the sub skills where you scored low. Therefore, the improvement happens in progressive iterations until a desired level of scoring is achieved.

-benchmarking in a group
Here a student identifies a small group against which he would like to benchmark himself. Usually this group would be of a similar profile as the candidate himself. The candidate first excels in this group and chooses progressively larger groups subsequently.

-benchmarking nationally
Students who are appearing in National competitive exams like CAT, IIT JEE, PMT, GATE, UPSC etc, adopt national benchmarking. Here a test taker compares himself with his peers throughout the nation and then focuses strategically on maximizing his overall score by working on his weaknesses and reinforcing his strengths.

How is Benchmarking done?
paper pencil based mock test
This can be a very good tool to assess one’s competitive positioning in the nation after completion of one’s preparation. The nature of the assessment being summative, this is kind of a final judgment on one’s preparation rather than a tool of improvement.
However, is the preparation for any competitive exam ever complete?
The reported aggregate score and a percentile rank leave little scope for any analyses of topics for areas of improvement. Also, since the student base is from the test conducting institute only, the data is not true representative and any inference drawn is biased.
online mock test
Online mock tests present a more detailed analysis of test performance. The student can easily see the areas where he needs to improve. However, these tests stop at that, and seldom provide the user with the tools for improvement. Since a user would require tests in many different formats for further improvement, these tests are a one time affair and leave the user high and dry, gasping for improvement.
Besides, the scores and analyses are reliable and statistically valid only if these tests enjoy the patronage of a significant number of students.
analytics way: the right way
There are very few analytic engines worth their salt in the online space. TCYonline.com is the leader. TCY Analytics* gives the user a number of interesting advantages:
- Flexibility to use any type of benchmarking refereed to earlier
- A large student base of approx 1 million (& counting) gives considerable statistical advantage
- 23 million TCY Analytics* (question attempts) & counting
- Automatically suggests improvement areas and action points
- Generates tests to specifically improve identified weak areas
- Picks suggested video tutorials based on your test performance
- Gathers information around each question through student and author discussions
*TCY Analytics: Question attempts where each question has data of each candidate who attempted it, around parameters like time taken on question, gender, age, city, stream ( B.Com, B.Tech, BBA etc)
This data gives students:
A. Comparative benchmarking like:

National benchmarking: National ranking & percentiles for each test
Comparison with top ten : Your performance with national toppers
Comparison with Friends/Groups/Classmates: Your performance with your chosen friends
Customized Comparison: City-wise, state-wise, stream-wise comparison reports
B. Recommendations like:
Your weak areas and recommended tests to overcome these weak areas
C . Self Assessment:
Overall Performance till date: Your performance trends test by test
Topic-wise Analysis till date: A cumulative topic wise analysis of your tests
View Overall Analysis : Which questions you have marked correct/wrong
Question by Question Analysis: The answer to each question and discussion with others
Topic-wise Analysis: Your sub-sub-sub skills to improve faster and your BEST & WEAK topics in the test
Difficulty-wise Analysis: How well you performed on difficult questions
Your Time Management: Know your Time Savers & Time Takers in the test, based on average time per question

What makes TCY-Analytics unique is that hundreds of authors spread all over the world upload thousands of quality tests. It is like a textbook in which each chapter is written by the best expert in that area. Each question is rated and the junk is automatically removed from the site, giving users the best content quality experience.

For our school going K-10 friends, we have a highly effective assessment test called National Benchmarking Test, for students in grades 6 to 10. TCY -NBT is a test of its kind! It is unique as it combines a comprehensive assessment test with a plan of remedial action to overcome the weaknesses it identifies, and further with a career preparedness graph to guide a student on the career options available as per his existing skill levels. What is more, the Analytics of TCY-NBT also provides detailed statistics on his competitiveness at the national, state, regional and school levels.
If you have a testing history on TCYonline, it is mapping your different competencies more and more accurately with every subsequent test. Start early; maintain regularity for us to recommend to you various career options, based on your competencies, throughout your student and working life. Remember, ever increasing portfolio of test categories on TCYonline will give you tests that help you decide career paths. Keep visiting TCYonline more and more often for more and more tests and keep growing intellectually all your life.
Test Preparation without TCY Analytics is incomplete.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Kamal Wadhera along with Viji Raj

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CAT 2010 Solutions | CAT Analysis | CAT Answer Keys

Cat 2010 Analysis: Share your Views

Feeling tensed about the Online CAT Format that gave blues to test takers in 2009? CAT has always lived up to its reputation of springing a surprise every year in one aspect or the other. So, what is in store for you in CAT 2010?

Worry no longer!

Share all your apprehensions and experiences with your peers through us. Your experience may allay somebody else’s apprehensions and vice versa.

You may also count on getting valuable tips and CAT analysis from experts. Share CAT 2010 analysis and expert opinion on CAT cutoffs on this site. You may also send your queries/comments with regard to the difficulty level of questions vis-à-vis that of the questions in the paper based tests of 2007, 2008. CAT 2009 questions were generally simpler than CAT questions 2007 and 2008. Did the CAT 2009 trend continue or CAT 2010 was more like CAT 2007/2008?

Send your notes, comments, differences of opinion to TCYonline.com

Disclaimer: Sorry! We cannot provide you CAT 2010 answer key. The original CAT 2010 questions are protected by the Confidentiality Agreement. Make sure that no original CAT questions are discussed on this site that might jeopardize the Confidentiality Agreement that you and our experts signed at the time of the test.


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Bank Exams 2010

Bank Exams 2010

Bank PO Aspirants can get complete information about number of posts & vacancies, last date to apply and date of written test etc. You can get study material for Bank Exam Preparation, Get notes, test papers covers sample papers, practice papers, previous papers for all sections like Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, Computer Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, Banking and Marketing, & General Knowledge .

So take complete study material and information online make good efforts to clear your exams. The candidates who are interested in Bank's Job, it is the time to get it, Banks either public sector or private is recruiting on large scale. So work hard, prepared yourself & grab the chance.

To prepare Bank Exam visit the link given below:

Bank PO Exam
Bank Clerical Exam
Bank PO Sample Papers
Bank Exam
Bank PO Questions
Bank Clerk
UCO Bank Exam
SBI Bank Exam
RBI Bank Exam
Bank Po Verbal Ability
Bank PO Quantitative Ability
Bank PO Data Interpretation
Bank PO Reasoning
Bank PO Computer Aptitude
Banking and Marketing
Bank PO General Knowledge

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CAT 2010 D.I Strategies

Data Interpretation consists of three sections viz. Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency and Reasoning. It is easily the most scoring section of any exam- if the fundamentals are in place.

Data Interpretation (D.I.) : contains information presented in the form of Bar graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables, Histograms etc. The student is required to analyze the information provided and supply the answer to asked queries related to the data given. Students who are good at heavy mental calculation are at an advantage as it is one of the keys for doing well in this section. This section tests the students' skills in Percentage calculation, Profit and Loss Analysis, and Ratio Proportion.

Data Sufficiency: is a section where a statement is given and with it are provided two options which could hold the key to the answer. The student is required to independently analyze both the answer keys and see from which the answer can be derived. The student has to tick one of the five options for the answer.

• If answer can be derived from Answer key A- then answer is A.

• If answer can be derived from Answer key B- then answer is B.

• If answer can be derived from both A & B independently- then answer will be C.

• If answer can be derived from a combination of A & B- then answer is D.

• If answer cannot be derived from any of the options, then the answer is E.

Imp: Many times students get confused when the solution does yield an answer with both the answer keys but the answer is different in both the cases. In such a scenario, C would be the correct option is the right one as long as both the options provide unique answers (i.e. it can't be -2 or +2, it has to be either).

Reasoning: as a section can be tackled very well if the mental calculation is fast. There are broadly three types of reasoning questions: Linear, Circular and Tabular.

To Prepare for CAT 2010 you can get complete study material consists Notes, CAT Test Papers, CAT Practice Papers CAT Sample Papers CAT Previous Papers online. Visit the links given below to prepare for CAT 2010.

CAT 2010
CAT Quants
CAT Mock Test
CAT Test Paper
CAT Practice Papers

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Written By Girish Seshamani

As a trainer for CAT\MAT and other competitive exams over the last ten years, I find lot of intelligent students not being able to crack the Group Discussion and Interview. The fear of the unknown is so high, that these set of students, see themselves as failures.

In our country, English is the second language. Apart from metropolitan cities, which have a number of convent schools, all other students stand at a huge disadvantage, since they are not exposed to the English Language. In all these states, even though the English Language is part of the curriculum, the English Language is taught in their mother tongue. The teachers themselves are not trained properly and they do not have the ability to make the English Language interesting. Moreover the interaction between students also happens in their mother tongue, with the net result being a rude shock, when they get exposed to the outside world.

When I interacted with this category of students at length their concerns were:

If we try to converse in English with our teachers, they reply in our mother tongue

English is not required for me because I am joining the family business

Our friends make fun of us or treat us as social outcasts, if we try to converse in English

Our parents are not educated and our siblings are also sailing in the same boat

Our teachers discourage the use of English

We know only a few words

We do not know how to construct a sentence and pronounce the word, so we will end up making fools of ourselves

Emotionally sensitive

Inability to speak in front of a small group or public speaking

Thinking in one’s mother tongue and translating into English

After listening to their concerns, I just asked them one question, How did you pick up your mother tongue? The answer was prompt. We learnt to speak our mother tongue by listening to our parents speak. My next question was, Did your parents teach you grammar? The answer was No

I then went on to tell them, the English Language also needs to be learnt, the same way.

I worked out a plan of action which I am listing below:

Be passionate about the English Language

Make it a point to watch News Channels, Animal Planet or National Geographic. Close your eyes and focus on the words. Likewise, if you share a passion for a particular game, as in, cricket or football, listen to the commentary

In the initial phase do not bother about your grammatical accuracy, fluency or vocabulary. Your focus should be to reach a level, where you can boldly communicate in the English Language, with whatever vocabulary you have

Identify one person in your locality who speaks the English Language fluently. Have a serious discussion with this person, and tell him that you want to improve your language, and you are prepared to stretch the limit. Ask him to correct your mistakes. Fix up a time convenient to him and interact with him for anywhere between 10 – 15 minutes daily. This conversation can be in person or on phone. Ask him to correct your mistakes and make it a point, not to repeat the same mistake again.

Avail of every opportunity that you get to speak. Never bother about the reaction of the audience. There are bound to be people in the audience who will smile sarcastically or may laugh at you, while you are delivering your speech. Let me tell you that these people are failures. They have not achieved anything in their life, and are filled with envy. Make yourself mentally so tough, that nothing should pull you down, and destroy your confidence

Do not compare yourself with anyone. You are unique

Read any magazine which is related to your area of interest. If you want to go in for fiction, there is nothing to beat, James Hadley Chase. You will not put the book down, till you have finished, reading the book fully. The language used is also simple.

Always think in English. If you think in your mother tongue, and translate into English, the structure will go horribly wrong. Let us take a sentence; Rita is beautiful, which is the right structure. Assuming that your mother tongue is Hindi, the translation will be, Rita khoobsurat hai, which when translated to English becomes, Rita beautiful is. Always remember the basic structure of the English Language, which is, Subject + Verb + Object

Practice Auto Suggestion. Human beings are blessed with two minds, conscious mind and the subconscious mind. When we go to sleep in the night, the subconscious mind comes on top and the conscious mind goes down. Auto suggestion means feeding your subconscious mind with positive thoughts. In this case, let us assume that you have to deliver a speech after one week. Everyday before going to sleep, imagine that you are one of the best speakers in the world. People admire you and they have come in huge numbers to listen to you. See yourself talking confidently, and the audience listening to you, with full attention. After your speech gets over, the entire crowds’ gets up from their seats and give you a standing applause. Do this everyday without fail, and more importantly, believe in the power of the subconscious mind. Visualize this whole scene again and again. The great tennis player, Andre Agassi, is a master of the subconscious mind. When you get up in the morning, the conscious mind comes on top, and the subconscious mind goes down. The job of the conscious mind, is purely to implement the commands, given to it, by the subconscious mind. You can rewrite your whole destiny, if you tap the power of your subconscious mind

Before I wind up, I would like to quote Martin Luther King, who said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversies”


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The Right Way to Start Preparing for CAT

People often go to soothsayers and astrologers to find the most opportune time to embark upon a project of importance. Whether or not that helps is a matter of personal belief. We, however, have some timely advice for those preparing for CAT this year. Most serious CAT aspirants will give anything to find out the perfect moment to start preparing for the exam. We spoke to Vaishnu Dass, Quant faculty at TCY and sought his expert views.

Vaishnu is an authority on Quant preparation and gives coaching for CAT, GRE & GMAT. Faculty at TCY, he has been coaching aspirants for these exams for the last 14 years.

Is there a 'magic number' of hours of coaching that one should get while preparing for Quant part of CAT?

There is no 'magic number' of hours as such. Nevertheless, there are an optimum number of hours of classroom lectures that are required. From my experience of over 14 years, I feel that at least 84 hours must be allocated for Quant in order to excel in it.

How do you divide these hours? How many hours a day? How many days a week?
I would divide CAT test prep into three distinct categories. Rush Hour, Optimum and Ideal. Let's talk about 'Rush Hour' first.

Rush Hour: is when a candidate sincerely starts his CAT prep after his final year exam. With just about six months to go for the CAT, the entire preparation schedule has to be completed in a relatively short time. For instance, at TCY, classes are scheduled six days a week and here, the onus is on the student to keep up with the hectic pace.

The student has to understand that a very self-disciplined effort in self-study will be required on his part to make it to the top.

Optimum: is when a student is in his final year and starts preparing in January/ February of his graduation year. With around 9-10 months to go, the pace of instruction is brisk but not as breathless as 'Rush Hour'. For Instance, at TCY, classes are scheduled three days a week and a student gets optimum time to revise what is being taught in the classroom. A break of one day between classes allows students the luxury of self studying at the pace most suited to their temperament.

Even an average student who studies sincerely and consistently has every chance of making it to the B- School list.

Ideal: This is when a student enters the penultimate year of his graduation degree course. A good faculty gets the time to teach students to crawl before making them walk and run hard! Basics are covered in depth and preparation starts at the very grassroot level. At TCY, we schedule classes only twice a week over the weekend initially.

The first few months are spent entirely in concept building. It can be compared to being able to dig the foundations oneself before laying them and finally constructing upon them. By the time a student reaches the final year of his degree course, his foundation is so strong that he is more than halfway ready to take on the CAT. The best part about this is that it is of longer duration and more exhaustive than Optimum, but generally costs less.

What preparation strategy would you suggest for each of the three distinct categories you just mentioned?

In Rush Hour, I would recommend the student to take a Diagnostic Test first. A diagnostic test is a mock test especially made to gauge an aspirant's grasp of concepts. Once the strengths and weaknesses are clear to a student, it is recommended that a student start working on his weak areas first as they are the ones that offer maximum chance of improvement. Areas of strength can be worked upon later in the day. At TCY, we put such students on extensive online testing with a strong focus on performance analysis with the help of TCY Analytics. With TCY Analytics, a student is able to benchmark his performance of each sub-section, section and subject against all his previous attempts. This helps him in analyzing his progress with each test. Later on, the aspirant can start benchmarking his attempt against lacs of other aspirants on our website, www.TCYonline.com.

The success in 'Optimum' category rests majorly on the optimum trade-off between self study and disciplined prep. Self study is any day the best test prep strategy. However, disciplined prep calls for following a light but consistent weekly schedule. The CAT programme on TCYonline works on lecture by lecture schedule for each test section. This helps the candidate decide what fraction of the total available time for CAT prep he should invest in a particular month.

Additionally, joining a classroom programme would add to your disciplined effort.

The ideal prep calls for, obviously, the ideal way. For a candidate, this means understanding what skills the exam tests and taking a few sample tests in each area to know his 'Best' and 'Worst' areas. A good faculty will help the student by chalking out a plan till December to develop the lower and middle level skills required. For instance, working on one's vocabulary, reading regularly on topics that come in the exams, improving one's reasoning ability and re-visiting the Class VIII, IX and X math concepts of 2-3 major boards viz. CBSE, ICSE and Maharashtra [ Images ] SSC can be very useful. One can find a lot of this basic stuff on TCYonline and can generate customized tests on any topic to move up the learning curve skill by skill.

What advice would you give to CAT aspirants?

First, the student has to be very clear 'if' he wants to go for MBA. To explain, let us take a hypothetical situation. A BBA student is in his second year and he has consistently been getting good percentage so far. If he is extremely sure that he will not take up a job straight after graduating, he can afford to take his foot off the pedal a little bit and start preparing for CAT. As long as his overall percentage remains above 50%, he can appear for CAT. A high CAT score will see him secure a call from the best B- Schools in the country.

On the other hand, even if he gets overall 70% in BBA, he can't secure a call from a good business school with a low CAT score. I again say, vision is very important. If MBA is not of paramount importance, focus fully on your current academic pursuit. If MBA is your ultimate goal, learn to keep your focus and prioritise accordingly.
Visit the Link given below and get complete study material.
CAT 2010
CAT Preparation
CAT 2010 Verbal Ability
CAT 2010 Data Interpretation
CAT 2010 Quantitative Ability
CAT 2010 Reasoning
MBA Business GK Questions
MBA CAT Foundation

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CAT 2010 Preparation

TCYonline.com has launched CAT Test Prep modules for online test preparation. The first of these modules is totally free for CAT aspirants and the remaining modules are very affordably priced. In an age when CAT Test prep is a huge money making business, such offers can really help students who are deserving but can't afford high coaching fees.

Request you to please give space in your esteemed newspaper and help students make use of the free and other low cost test prep modules. The complete press release follows below.

TCYonline.com offers Free Online CAT Test Prep. CAT 2010 is perhaps less than six months away and the serious aspirants are already settled into preparation mode. Classroom coaching, Mock Tests and self study are the mantras for success. Regular coaching institutes are making a killing by playing on the insecurities of students regarding CAT selection and promoting their expensive online tests. In this scenario, an irresistible offer from TCYonline.com has come like a breath of fresh air for CAT-2010 aspirants. TCYonline.com has launched four online modules for CAT-2010 preparation. The pricing of these modules has been kept in such a manner that even the student who cannot spend money also walks away with a lot.

The first CAT-2010 preparation module, which is named CAT Free, contains 200 plus free online tests for the CAT-2010 aspirant. All the tests are based on actual CAT pattern and the students can see their results instantly.

The second module, called CAT Basic comes at a very low price of Rs.600 only contains 60 plus text based lessons and also gives the aspirant the right to use TCY Analytics Engine, a proprietary TCY technology. TCY Analytics Engine has a database of over 15 million analytics, collected over the last three years. Every time a student attempts a test, he/she not only gets his comparative ranking and percentile with tens of thousands of aspirants of the same test, but also gets statistics like comparative time taken on each question, sub-section, section etc. Attempt pattern, correctness of answers, absolute and comparative time taken, absolute percentages, nationwide percentiles and expert recommendation come as a part of the TCY Analytics Package.

The third module, aptly named CAT Advantage, comes at the cost of Rs.1000 only and contains 250 plus tests, 60 plus text based lessons and Audio lectures apart from the right to use TCY Analytics to track one’s progress. The premium module, CAT Premium, which costs just Rs.1950, offers Specialized Modules apart from all the features of the CAT Advantage; module. Students can buy these courses through online payment with credit card, net banking, debit card or even offline bank deposit method.

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Students, share your GDPI experiences with the nation

TCYonline.com, India’s No. 1 test prep website has come out with a platform for students to share their interview experiences with other readers. All current and previous UPSC, MBA, MCA, NDA and NTSE (finals) candidates can share their G.D.P.I. and interview experiences with nearly one million users of TCYonline.com. Even students who have appeared for Student Visa interviews can upload their experiences on TCYonline.com. Apart from interview experience, achievers can also share their preparation strategies and success mantra with other students on the portal. Students studying abroad after clearing their GRE and GMAT exams can also share their stories as also their experiences of settling down in a new culture.
All that a contributor has to do is mail the stories to manav.sarmal@tcyonline.com or alternatively they can log on to www.TCYonline.com and self submit their experiences.
TCYonline.com, India’s number one test prep platform has nearly one million enrolled students from over 1500 cities and towns across the nation. The website has over 15000 free tests from over 50 exam categories and boasts of a databank of nearly 5 lac questions.

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My CAT Preparation Strategy

Written By Tilak Yagnik
I passed CAT in 2008 and got admitted at school of petroleum management. Well if i talk about my preparation of CAT it was not too voracious or rigorous, but it was surely a smart work. I was in third year of my engineering when I started off with the preparation at my coaching classes. My initial attempt was to get clear in concepts and solve the lower difficulty problems and questions which are generally asked in state entrance. What i feel is that daily four hours of practicing continuously for four months is enough to crack CAT provided you divide your time equally in all segment and not the one you are comfortable with. My practice pattern was to solve the papers I use to get from coaching classes “during and after the exam”. Also CAT is hell lot of dependent on the approach you solve your papers. Usually people decide to complete the section they are comfortable with first and then move further but what I feel is one should be flexible and move across sections in the paper. Do not try to complete one section at one go. We get messed up when the segment we first target turns out difficult and spoils our confidence. And it is very difficult to maintain same amount of confidence and concentration through out the paper. I wish all the aspirants all the very best.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ICET 2010 MCA Answer Keys

Solution Keys for ICET-2010

Integrated Common Entrance Test- 2010, popularly known as ICET 2010, will be held across the nation on the 27th of May. More Than two lac aspirants will be participating in the prestigious test that decides admission to MBA and MCA programs for all universities in Andhra Pradesh and their affiliate colleges. The test is conducted by Andhra University, Visakhapatnam on behalf of Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education, Hyderabad. After the test, the most important sought after information will be the ICET 2010 answer keys. Students will want to know how well they did and ICET 2010 solution keys will be one of the most searched key phrase on the net.

Subject experts at www.TCYonline.com, India’s largest online test prep platform, will be solving the test paper and hosting the ICET 2010 solution keys on the website. Students wanting to check ICET answers can find them on http://www.tcyonline.com/exam-analysis/icet-2010-solutions latest by 6 p.m. of the same day as the test.

Students from across the nation can also participate in ‘ICET Questions Discussion’ on the website. They can also leave their queries on the website and the experts at TCY will revert back with the answers within a short time. Candidates will also be able to input their expected scoring range and TCY Analytics will also compute the inputs to give a cross section of expected scores.

Unlimited free ICET 2010 Mock Tests are also available in the tests section on www.TCYonline.com. Aspirants can do last minute revision and hone their skills for the upcoming test. They can also target self improvement by using TCY Analytics to analyze their attempt pattern, time taken on each question, sub topic and topic wise analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Friday, May 21, 2010

UPSC Prelims 2010 General Studies Answer Keys

Solution Keys for UPSC Preliminaries-2010

UPSC Preliminary Exam will be held across the nation on Sunday, the 23rd of May. Lacs of aspirants will be participating in the prestigious test. After the test, the most important sought after information will be the UPSC 2010 answer keys. Students will want to know how well they did and UPSC 2010 solution keys will be the most searched key phrase on the net.

Subject experts at www.TCYonline.com, India’s largest online test prep platform, will be solving the General Studies test paper and hosting the UPSC 2010 General Studies> solution keys on the website. Students wanting to check UPSC Preliminary General Studies answers can find them on http://www.tcyonline.com/exam-analysis/upsc-prelims-2010-solutions after 6 p.m. of the same day as the test.

Students from across the nation can also participate in ‘UPSC Questions Discussion’ on the website. They can also leave their queries on the website and the experts at TCY will revert back with the answers within a short time.

Civil Services Preliminary Examinations (Objective Type) are for the selection of candidates for Main Examination. This IAS Preliminary Examination is meant to serve as a screening test only; the marks obtained in the Civil Services Preliminary Examination by the candidates who are declared qualified for admission to the Civil Services Main Examination will not be counted for determining their final order of merit.

Friday, May 14, 2010

NIMCET 2010 Answer Key

NIMCET-2010 will be held pan India on Sunday, the 16th of May. Lacs of students will be appearing for NIMCET-2010 and vying for about 500 seats in 11 campuses that offer the MCA degree. Subject experts at TCY will be giving a detailed analysis of the NIMCET-2010 MCA exam on their website, www.TCYonline.com. The experts will analyze the pattern of NIMCET MCA 2010, toughness level and expected cut-off mark.

Subject to timely acquirement of NIMCET-2010 Question paper, Subject experts at TCY will also give the solutions/ answer keys to NIMCET-2010 question paper. The answer keys to NIMCET-2010 MCA exam are expected to be available by 4.00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Students all over India, with the help of the detailed analysis of NIMCET-2010, along with the expected cut off and answer keys for NIMCET-2010 MCA exam will be able to find if they stand a chance of making it to the selection zone.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

AIEEE 2010 Solution and Answer Keys

All India Engineering Entrance Exam- 2010, popularly known as AIEEE 2010, will be held across the nation on Sunday, the 25th of April. Lacs of aspirants will be participating in the prestigious test. After the test, the most important sought after information will be the AIEEE 2010 answer keys. Students will want to know how well they did and AIEEE 2010 solution keys will be the moist searched key phrase on the net.

Subject experts at www.TCYonline.com, India’s largest online test prep platform, will be solving the test paper and hosting the AIEEE 2010 solution keys on the website. Students wanting to check AIEEE answers can find them on www.TCYonline.com latest by 7 p.m. of the same day as the test. Students will find AIEEE 2010 Physics solutions, AIEEE 2010 Chemistry solutions and AIEEE 2010 Math solutions.

Students from across the nation can also participate in ‘AIEEE Questions Discussion’ on the website. They can also leave their queries on the website and the experts at TCY will revert back with the answers within a short time.

Unlimited free AIEEE 2010 Mock Tests are also available in the tests section on www.TCYonline.com. Aspirants can do last minute revision and hone their skills for the upcoming test. They can also target self improvement by using TCY Analytics to analyse their attempt pattern, time taken on each question, sub topic and topic wise analysis of strengths and weaknesses. ‘Expert Recommendation’ from TCY Analytics will also automatically generate tests for students from their weak areas as well as from wrongly attempted and un-attempted questions. The ‘Test Generator’ tool will also assist students by generating customized test papers for them. Enrolled students can use TCY Analytics to benchmark their performance against a select group and also against students from across the country. This will also give them a reasonable idea of their level of preparation for AIEEE 2010.

Visit for detail analysis and solutions:

AIEEE 2010 Answer Key

AIEEE 2010 Math Solutions Key

AIEEE 2010 Physics Solutions Key

AIEEE 2010 Chemistry Solutions Key

Friday, April 9, 2010

IIT JEE 2010 Answer Keys

Lacs of students across the country will be participating in the IIT JEE 2010 to be held on 11th of April. IIT JEE 2010 aspirants will not have to wait 46 days to find out whether they made the cut. Subject experts at www.TCYonline.com will solve the IIT JEE 2010 question papers and host them on their website. Students will be able to see the Answer Keys of the first phase of IIT JEE 2010 test on www.TCYonline.com by 5 p.m. on the same evening. Solution keys of the second round of IIT JEE 2010 examination will be available on www.TCYonline.com by Monday morning.

Candidates appearing in IIT JEE 2010 exam can also avail of unlimited free online tests on www.TCYonline.com. Aspirants also have the option of generating free customized Mock Exams of IIT JEE 2010 on the website by using the ‘Test Generator’ facility.
Another useful feature is ‘Challenge Zone’ in which the students can invite and challenge friends in a mock drill for IIT JEE 2010.

In final preparation, aspirants can also take section wise tests for IIT 2010 Physics, IIT 2010 Math and IIT 2010 Chemistry question papers. The section wise answer keys, along with a detailed report on their attempt will be made available to them as soon as they finish. TCY Analytics, the revolutionary analytics engine, will benchmark each student’s performance against students from across the nation.

Visit for detail analysis and solutions:

IIT JEE 2010 Answer Key

IIT JEE 2010 Math Solutions Key

IIT JEE 2010 Physics Solutions Key

IIT JEE 2010 Chemistry Solutions Key

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get your “CBSE Class X – Math” result on 11th March itself!!

CBSE class X students all over India will appear for their Mathematics exam on the 11th of March and will know the result on the same evening. TCY, India’s premier ‘Education Services Company’ will share the complete solutions of the CBSE Math question paper on 11th March, 2010 evening. The solutions will be made available on www.steps.TCYonline.com and www.Rediff.com initially, followed by a printed version in one of the leading newspaper in the state the next day.

Wherever different question papers are used, students will just need to log onto Rediff.com and click on the link for their geographical location to see the solved question papers. Another free service being provided by TCY is the facility of CBSE Math Mock Tests that will be hosted exclusively on Rediff.com. As the students will be taking the exam for local language on the 8th of March, they will have two and half days to revise their Math syllabus. The students will be able to utilize this time well by attempting CBSE Pattern Mock Tests on the website. The mock tests will be followed by a detailed analysis and explanations by TCYonline experts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CBSE Sample Paper 2010

For Class X CBSE issued new sample papers for Science, Social Science. CBSE Sample Papers 2010 for Mathematics has no changes.Here you will find all sample papers include marking scheme, design of cbse question paper, the weightage to marks. Get 100% marks in Mathematics & Sciences. Strong fundamentals to face the competitive examinations Precious spare time not only to study other subjects but also to relax. To provide a common platform for students, parents and teachers to facilitate interaction and promote the uplift of traditional educational system. To build a team of quality people and to create a learning environment for continuous Individual & Organizational growth.

CBSE Sample Papers Class X Social Science
CBSE Sample Papers 2010 for class X with last years test series. CBSE Class X Social Science Preparation & Practice Test Consists of Contemporary Europe, Social Science Downloadable Test of Question Bank. Get prepare with complete study material. Sample Papers cbse of last years and their solutions are prepared by a group of expert teachers from various CBSE Board schools of India.

CBSE Sample Papers Class X Science

CBSE Sample Papers for class X science with complete practices. CBSE Board model Papers for Class X Science Physics, Chemistry & Biology Notes and Online Preparation Test Includes Light Test, Periodic Classification of Elements, and Practical Skill in Science. Get complete study material online.

CBSE Sample Papers Class X Mathematics

CBSE Sample Papers 2010 for class X Mathematics contains important questions. CBSE Board Class X Mathematics Preparation Test & Practice Sets Include Class X Guess Paper, Downloadable Online Test, Class Notes & NCERT Solutions. CBSE Class 10 Mathematics with complete syllabus.

CBSE Sample Papers Class X English
CBSE Sample Papers for class 10 English with exercise of grammar and literature. Get Prepared for Your Board Exams By Practicing CBSE ICSE & Others Class X English Language and Communication Test Including Idioms/Phrases Use of Proper Words. CBSE Class 10 English Notes and complete literature and grammar study material.

NTSE / Olympiad Grade 10
NTSE Study Material for Grade 10 with important questions. NTSE and Olympiad Grade 10 Preparation Test & Practice Sets Include Quantitative Aptitude Test-6, MBA(CAT) Quantitative Test, General Biology, General Knowledge, Mathematics Trigonometry, Mathematical Aptitude-7, General Science-4.