Saturday, November 21, 2009

NTSE Preparation

How should we prepare for NTSE?

Before you start preparing for NTSE, you must have a good idea about the pattern of exam and syllabus that comes in NTSE. You must know about the subjects covered in each test; number of questions asked, time provided for tests, qualifying marks for next level etc. All these questions are answered in the previous article Click Here to find.

There are always questions going on in your mind about how you should prepare for NTSE. You are always looking for recommended books, study material and practice tests.

Although there is no set syllabus for NTSE, the questions are based on the level of Class 7th and 8th. A student in class 8th, appearing for NTSE, must brush up his knowledge on Science, Social Science and Mathematics. It has been found that the questions asked in NTSE are more or less based on NCERT books. There are a few websites like that provide study material for NTSE preparation. Free Mock NTSE and Topic Wise Tests are available on the website. A student can also check his national ranking from TCY Analytics.

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