Saturday, May 29, 2010

My CAT Preparation Strategy

Written By Tilak Yagnik
I passed CAT in 2008 and got admitted at school of petroleum management. Well if i talk about my preparation of CAT it was not too voracious or rigorous, but it was surely a smart work. I was in third year of my engineering when I started off with the preparation at my coaching classes. My initial attempt was to get clear in concepts and solve the lower difficulty problems and questions which are generally asked in state entrance. What i feel is that daily four hours of practicing continuously for four months is enough to crack CAT provided you divide your time equally in all segment and not the one you are comfortable with. My practice pattern was to solve the papers I use to get from coaching classes “during and after the exam”. Also CAT is hell lot of dependent on the approach you solve your papers. Usually people decide to complete the section they are comfortable with first and then move further but what I feel is one should be flexible and move across sections in the paper. Do not try to complete one section at one go. We get messed up when the segment we first target turns out difficult and spoils our confidence. And it is very difficult to maintain same amount of confidence and concentration through out the paper. I wish all the aspirants all the very best.

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