Friday, June 18, 2010

CAT 2010 Preparation has launched CAT Test Prep modules for online test preparation. The first of these modules is totally free for CAT aspirants and the remaining modules are very affordably priced. In an age when CAT Test prep is a huge money making business, such offers can really help students who are deserving but can't afford high coaching fees.

Request you to please give space in your esteemed newspaper and help students make use of the free and other low cost test prep modules. The complete press release follows below. offers Free Online CAT Test Prep. CAT 2010 is perhaps less than six months away and the serious aspirants are already settled into preparation mode. Classroom coaching, Mock Tests and self study are the mantras for success. Regular coaching institutes are making a killing by playing on the insecurities of students regarding CAT selection and promoting their expensive online tests. In this scenario, an irresistible offer from has come like a breath of fresh air for CAT-2010 aspirants. has launched four online modules for CAT-2010 preparation. The pricing of these modules has been kept in such a manner that even the student who cannot spend money also walks away with a lot.

The first CAT-2010 preparation module, which is named CAT Free, contains 200 plus free online tests for the CAT-2010 aspirant. All the tests are based on actual CAT pattern and the students can see their results instantly.

The second module, called CAT Basic comes at a very low price of Rs.600 only contains 60 plus text based lessons and also gives the aspirant the right to use TCY Analytics Engine, a proprietary TCY technology. TCY Analytics Engine has a database of over 15 million analytics, collected over the last three years. Every time a student attempts a test, he/she not only gets his comparative ranking and percentile with tens of thousands of aspirants of the same test, but also gets statistics like comparative time taken on each question, sub-section, section etc. Attempt pattern, correctness of answers, absolute and comparative time taken, absolute percentages, nationwide percentiles and expert recommendation come as a part of the TCY Analytics Package.

The third module, aptly named CAT Advantage, comes at the cost of Rs.1000 only and contains 250 plus tests, 60 plus text based lessons and Audio lectures apart from the right to use TCY Analytics to track one’s progress. The premium module, CAT Premium, which costs just Rs.1950, offers Specialized Modules apart from all the features of the CAT Advantage; module. Students can buy these courses through online payment with credit card, net banking, debit card or even offline bank deposit method.

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