Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Cat 2010 Analysis: Share your Views

Feeling tensed about the Online CAT Format that gave blues to test takers in 2009? CAT has always lived up to its reputation of springing a surprise every year in one aspect or the other. So, what is in store for you in CAT 2010?

Worry no longer!

Share all your apprehensions and experiences with your peers through us. Your experience may allay somebody else’s apprehensions and vice versa.

You may also count on getting valuable tips and CAT analysis from experts. Share CAT 2010 analysis and expert opinion on CAT cutoffs on this site. You may also send your queries/comments with regard to the difficulty level of questions vis-à-vis that of the questions in the paper based tests of 2007, 2008. CAT 2009 questions were generally simpler than CAT questions 2007 and 2008. Did the CAT 2009 trend continue or CAT 2010 was more like CAT 2007/2008?

Send your notes, comments, differences of opinion to TCYonline.com

Disclaimer: Sorry! We cannot provide you CAT 2010 answer key. The original CAT 2010 questions are protected by the Confidentiality Agreement. Make sure that no original CAT questions are discussed on this site that might jeopardize the Confidentiality Agreement that you and our experts signed at the time of the test.


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